SF Slack Guidelines

The SFA Chapter 58 started this Slack as an informal communications tool for the wider alumni network. It is open to professional Green Berets and occasionally a member of other Special Operations communities or a business leader. The goal is to provide a digital, real-time communications service so that our alumni network can support each other, respond quickly in times of need, and promote both the SF Values and perpetuate the brotherhood’s traditions.

Use it to ask questions, build connections, and shoot the breeze. The goal is to seek out and get hired for new (or better) jobs, get entrepreneurial support, conduct professional development, and demonstrate to American businesses how valuable we can be as force multipliers.

This channel should be considered open source and recorded: watch each others' backs in terms of OPSEC/COMSEC/INFOSEC/PERSEC, and keep it professional. Check your bad-faith arguments, internet trolling, and office politics at the door: this is a professional alumni network. Team room rules apply, and rucksacks are thrown in the hallway with impunity and without notice.

If you know of a fellow Green Beret who might augment the network, use the contact form on this site.

This Slack channel is in no way associated with or endorsed by the Special Forces Association, and all communications, opinions, and content is the property and responsibility of its creator.